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FreshForex overview

Our opinion Recommended
Trading software MetaTrader 4
Trading conditions
Minimum deposit – 0$
Leverage: 1:25 - 1:500
Demo: Yes
Spread: Variable from 0.9 pips
Commissions: 0
Moscow, Russian Federation, Leningrad Avenue 39, structure 14 (Gorbachev Fund Building), Office 513, «Airport» metro station, E-mail: info@freshforex.com
Official website www.freshforex.com

FreshForex began its activity in 2004, registering on the island St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The main aim of this young broker was to win recognition among the professional traders. That is why the main thrust was made on provision of the best trading conditions. Rapid innovation in insurance domain of the trade deposit promoted the further growth in popularity of this broker, which took place firmly among the seven incumbent world companies in 2011, putting competitive pressure on the other eminent brokers.

Nowadays FreshForex serves customers from hundreds different countries. In the territory of Russian Federation the two major administrative offices function: in Moscow and Barnaul. Furthermore the representative establishments multiply in the near abroad. The company continues an active introduction of advanced technology, allowing every person who is interested in Forex activity to try this nature of business and simultaneously feel in a blocked position. According to the newcomer’s FreshForex reviews it has the most convenient Dealing Center to get acquainted with the financial markets’ functioning.

Traditionally Freshforex’s trade conditions are the best at the market. Commercial invoices for working with the real cash do not have hard limits on level of minimal deposit. Moreover today the company has set up a new account. The FreshForex survey must be made on this respect by every investor who gets the perfect possibility not to go deeply into the functionality description of Forex and accumulates his capital funds.

The traders cannot help being satisfied with the narrow spread amounting just to 0,9 points and a complete absence of commissions. One should also add here the high speed of execution of orders and flexible system of hedging. That is why it is quite comprehensible that a growing number of people place FreshForex comments of such gratifying nature.

The trade condition’s description of FreshForex must obligatory include FX Interest overview, which may be used for earnings. This broker provides means of utilizing of the following ways of profit maximization:

  • 45 currency pairs;
  • CFD for shares;
  • CFD for precious metals;
  • CFD for futures.

The broker’s big fame was made by means of technologies, which according to FreshForex overviews helped to save the trade deposit from the so-called “casualties” on such a volatile market as Forex. At the moment the trader’s positions guarantees:

  • Bonus3х33» – doesn’t allow a deep drawdown to throw the trader out on the stride;
  • Smart Rebate system – is used to return one’s spread from every fortunate or unfortunate deal;
  • a special insurance for a stop-out, allowing to trade without the heavy load of responsibility for the deposit safety in extra difficult situations.

FreshForex understands that the traders’ trust may be obtained only with the transparency of its work, therefore it becomes a member of non-profit enterprises controlling the Dealing Agency’s activity while accommodating brokerage services.

Furthermore FreshForex has a very convenient self-education system, including interactive course, video materials with experts’ commenting, as well as up-to-date literature as the most important source for the entry-level traders. FreshForex feedback from new-comers allows us to estimate the high level of educational efficiency allowing a person to learn some useful information on the profiteering profession.

For the experienced traders there exists a FreshForex’s special resident course where one is able to be emerged into the secrets of financial market’s functioning or to master the specific systems of market survey which give quite an exact idea of the most probable price development.

Besides, according to traders’ FreshForex testimonials this broker has authoritative analytical forecast providing the information on the market trends. FreshForex’s analytics also includes the many-sided Forex examination which definitely adds its value.

Additional info

In Forex since 2004
One of the most popular players in online trading
Lively and stylish brand
Plenty of bonuses and promotions
Withdrawal takes minutes
FreshForex is a member of TSRFIN and KROUFR
Services FreshForex
MetaTrader4 – a popular trading platform
Mobile trading
CFD tools (metals, oil, stocks, indices, etc.)
Flexible system of deposits and withdrawals
Technical and fundamental analysis; economic calendar
24-hour customer support
Official site
Advantages FreshForex
Minimum deposit – $ 0 ($ 20 recommended)
45 currency pairs, CFD on metals, stocks and futures contracts
No commissions for transactions and account replenishment
Instant execution of orders (from 0.1 sec)
Rapid withdrawal and deposit of funds through the most popular payment system
Daily analytics and forecasts
Free online training (webinars)
Create an account in FreshForex

Reviews of FreshForex

Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Why FreshForex? My only reason is: They are really helpful!
Doubt with your own analysis? Check their market reviews, you can find both technical and fundamental analysis there. Any problem with your account transaction? Ask the support team, they will always there to help you.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Well, I can say their educational sections were quite helpful to give me more insights about the currency market, a better understanding about several levels including support and resistance that is good to read the direction of the price. you will rarely find this in another company...
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
It's been 2 years since I trade with this company. A good broker with good trading terms, especially for scalping since it has no delays and requotes...
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Several months trading with FreshForex, including claiming the tradable bonus, I found no issues even with the bonus terms. Trade Forex, CFD and bitcoins with no delay and no slippage. We can also ask for help regarding technical trading issues to their support teams by sending chats that they will answer on their working days of course.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Several months traded with this company and I had no problems at all. The supports are really responsive when it comes to answer any difficulties I had regarding technical problems and no hidden terms I noticed from their trading platform.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
I join to trade with FreshForex since January 2018 and this company never disappoints me at all. You can keep yourself updated with technical analysis from the experts at their website and also you can join several webinars held by them. I can say this broker suits for newbie also for experienced traders.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
This company has proven itself over several awards, including from Forex Expo. I can also feel the difference when trading with their trading accounts (both currency and crypto accounts) on their trading servers (fast, no delay and reliable)...
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Several things to consider when you choose your broker. Not just only their promotions, but also try to look for less technical problems in their trading servers. I see no problems when doing scalping trading with FreshForex, their servers always stable even when we scalping with fast pace...
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
This company has been recognized by more than 150 countries around the world with their awesome facilities. Not just the technical terms, but also their promotions are great in helping you earning maximum profits...
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Pretty much nothing to say about this company, the rebates are great to cut your losses and you can almost utilize many trading techniques including scalping. You can also take the advantages of their trading tolls from their website, which is easy to access...

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