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Welcome to WEB-service that is an assistant for Forex traders. Our web-portal comprises detailed information about all the brokers (dealing centers) collected specially for you.

Before you start working with our service we recommend you to study the given Rules that were created for our users’ comfort.

1. Users are prohibited to leave comments about activity of broker companies with which they have never had any cooperation.

2. One user can leave only one comment about a particular company.

3. Users have no right to post feedback about a particular company under different names (such fake comments will be deleted).

4. Short feedback is not suitable. Your opinion about the company should be extended and maximally detailed. Small messages can be posted in comments.

5. Please be reminded that feedback is an opinion about cooperation with a particular company based on one’s personal experience. And opinion is an expression of one’s attitude towards the company. The second one should be placed in comments.

6. Honest Rating does not except slander, negative attitude, threats and other actions and statements that violate laws of our state.

7. While using our web-service it is prohibited to place advertising materials and advertising links to external web-services. If you want to include any link into your message please provide detailed description of the situation at first and after that place a link. Links to competitors’ websites will be deleted.

8. It is prohibited to “vandalize” on the web-service that is to use abusive words, discuss activity of website authorities, spam, recollect nickname of one and the same user, reveal one’s IP address, make loud statements about topics you are not an expert in, leave senseless comments and so on.

9. Don’t CRY on the website. All the messages containing capital letters will be deleted by the authorities.

10. Official language of the Honest Rating is Russian. Messages with mistakes, transliteration as well as messages in other languages will be deleted.

11. Are you going to place a feedback? Please check whether it corresponds to the given Rules.

12. It is prohibited to leave messages that differ from the topic of discussion or are senseless.

13. All the representatives of broker companies must have nicknames containing name of the company they work for. Please remember about the image of your employer. Your behavior and communication on our web-portal must be professional.

Authorities of the given web-portal have the right to delete comments and feedbacks which does not correspond to the given Rules.

Sincerely yours, Authorities of Honest Forex Broker Rating Website