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New tools from MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition to simplify trading supervision

Dear Clients,
Admiral Markets had a very busy time in 2015, processing traders’ suggestions and working on new features of MT4 Supreme Edition. Today we are presenting another small but valuable tool. Presently MT4 Trade Terminal will show all the potential risks and gains for your positions.

Formerly it was quiet difficult to find information about your potential risks in MetaTrader 4. Yet, the new Terminal provides broader summary and data on your account. It enables you to quickly mine necessary information on your positions as well as data about gains and risks. The key thing is to set position’s TP or SL. 

Illustration: once you get the GBP/USD order going with SL of 10 pips and 1 lot, the app will count your chances and show them to you in Risk column. Now you can find out exactly what the price is instead of using the common SL. 

Moreover, presently you can get data on all the deals of your accounts and discover combined position gains and risks. The new tool helps you to calculate chances more accurately and manage risks smartly — and close more profitable deals as a result.  

Once you set the stop loss level, the tool will show you gains or losses you would have, if the deal is closed. Up or down slippage can affect amount of gain or loss. All the deals would be closed at the first best available price. 

We offer more than 60 other minor tools free of charge. You can get them and install with the updated MT4, available on our site. 

MetaTrader 4 is constantly developing, allowing you to improve your performance through its innovations and new trading instruments.