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Full safety of your account with FreshForex

Dear clients,
Our team is constantly improving safety of the trading accounts. In 2015 it was the main goal for us - and we are thrilled to announce about the feature. We are introducing a new function, which will improve safety of your trading accounts. Now system will let you know about the necessity of changing password every 90 days. 

Internet is a global phenomenon where data theft prospers. Of course, we have passwords for all of our accounts, but no one can guarantee that our personal information and our investments will always be safe. Just follow thr necessary steps:

- Visit Change Password section.
- Enter your old password and a new one
- Enter the code from SMS. It will be sent to your attached number

Remember that phone number identification is obligatory. It helps us identify the person who enters your account and changes your password. If you need more details, address your FreshForex manager, please.

Best regards,