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Quick tips for boosting your deposit

Simple method of boosting up your deposit.
Sirs and madams,
We have received many letters, asking us to go on with our best promotions, which were greatly approved by our clients. We talk about three options: “Double Deposit”, “Refer a Friend”, and “Rebate of the Future”.
Your opinion is very important to us and it helps us to create convenient tools for increasing your profit.
“Double Deposit” will last till October 29, 2015. Activate this feature in your profile and add another $100 to your account. What is more, every time you add funds to your account, you get 1/3 bonus on it. Refer to our help page to learn more.
“Refer a Friend” feature will be on till August 27. Introduce your friends to FreshForex and participate in our promo. After they register, just send us their account info. Once they make a deposit, you get 15 percent of it as a bonus. You can keep on going until you run out of contacts! Visit our website to find out more.
You also get additional 60 days of the “Rebate of the future”! It will end no sooner than September 30, 2015. You still have plenty of time to take part and deal with the market spread the best way possible!