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Freshforex changes margin levels!

Dear clients,
Recently we have decided to increase margin call levels for Market Pro and Classic accounts up to 100% as it was requested. New conditions will come into force on August 18, 2015. From this moment all the notifications about critical balance status will appear earlier, that is why you will get more opportunities to keep your funds safe.
Please see the trading tab in the MT4 platform to learn more about your current margin level. Due to the new feature the line will become red as soon as you reach 100% level. You will be warned about approaching Stop out and will be able to take measures and make all the necessary changes.
We believe that changing Margin Call level will help our clients to increase trading efficiency and set new records. Please note that Stop out levels remain as they were and constitute 60% for the ECN account, 40% for the Market Pro account and 20% for the Classic account.
Happy trading!
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