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FRESHFOREX analysis: deflation of YUAN puts off THE FED

FreshForex analysis: deflation of YUAN puts off THE FED. Today China is making the breaking news: for the past twenty years National Bank of China carried out largest yuan devaluation. Only over the last 48 hours it cut down the ref. rate of China  by three percent. Would this significantly distress the markets and what should we anticipate? 
FreshForex forecast specialist Alex Goryachev: 
“Expectedly Australian dollar was the first to feel the impact of Yuan drop. In fact, it has  gone down by 1.3 percent. Brent oil went up over 51.60. Later on it abruptly went down to under 51.00.
What will happen next? Fed could be significantly impacted by the weak position of Yuan. By the end of 2015 dollar experts anticipated its rise, which may not occur after all”. 
Active clients have their happy hour now, because currency pairs and precious metals volatility went up. Yuan drop is a great chance to make the most of your thirty five percent bonus from FreshForex and close some good deals!