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Changes in the policy
Dear sirs and madams,
Before we launch CFD trading our regulatory documents will be changed. 
We have changed our “Client Agreement”:
- sections 1.7, 4.2, 12.4 and 12.5 will undergo changes.
Our “Regulation On Processing of Trading Transactions” section was also renewed:
- section 10 “Special aspects working with CFD stocks for all types of accounts” will be added;
- section 4.13 and 7.4 will be added;
- sections 3.4, 4.12 and 7.2. will be changed.
Service Regulations of "Flagman Invest platform" will be updated as follows:
- section 16.2 will be changed.
The updated documents will come into force today (August 6, 2015). Please visit our "Documents" section in case you have any questions.