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CFD trading on the British shares undergoes changes

Dear RoboForex Traders,

Starting from August 28 the quoting rules for CFD trading on the British shares will be changed. The reason for that is changing of some conditions by the liquidity provider. No other CFD trading types will be changed.

Please consider that starting from this day one share deal is worth 100 shares of the issue you choose. British The nomination currency is British Pound. E.g., one contract is now worth 90 Pounds instead of 0,9 Pounds.

Another point sounds good for the clients. They still have an opportunity to trade the volumes they got used to. The minimum volume of CFD trading on the British shares is now higher: it constitutes 0.01 lots. The limit is 50 lots.

Remember that all those changes concern only CFDs on the British shares and no other CFD trading type!