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MFX BROKER about the outcome of the Grand Asia Contest

In some companies brokers think that the only way to engage IB-partners is to pay them. It’s different in MFX Company. For this very reason we pay the top fees to our partners. Moreover, our allies have an opportunity to take part in various competitions and obtain a range of awesome rewards.

The Grand Asia Contest, which ends at the beginning of the autumn, is one of them. This content has crossed the countries’ borders and provided its participants with precious rewards, such as Samsung gadgets, scooters and even top notch tour around Malaysia - MOTO GP Gran-Prix.

September 1 was the end of the contest. Now it’s time to find our winners. Jury is ready. In the nearest time we will let you know who won the main prize, so follow our news updates and learn who will go on Moto GP in Malaysia.

Stay tuned.

MFX Team