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FxNet overview

Our opinion No
License CySec, Bafin, FSA
Trading software FxNet MetaTrader 4, FxNet SimpleTrader
Trading conditions
Minimum deposit – 5$
Leverage: 1:1 - 1:500
Demo: Yes
Spread: from 1.9 p
Commissions: 0
Agios Athanasios Avenue, No. 58-60, El Greco Building Office 202, 4102 Limassol, Cyprus,
phone. +357 25 108111 e-mail: info@fxnet.com 
Official website www.fxnet.com

FXnet is an international Forex broker registered in Limassol, Cyprus. It was founded in November 2012. For the several years of its activity the company has extended its influence on the European market. Moreover, recently (in 2014) it has entered the CIS market and according to the feedbacks has found “its own customer”. The popularity of FXnet broker is conditioned upon two factors: working under European licenses and meeting the requirements of the modern trader. We are talking about super quick order execution and modern technologies introduction.


According to the market feedbacks about any Forex broker traders care deeply about the questions of security. Without being an exception to the rule, FXnet has certain advantages as it is regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Committee. It should be mentioned that CySEC controls a severe conformity of the activity of all the financial organizations to the European legislation as well as requires their participation in MiFID and ICF, the investors’ compensation funds.

Besides, while extending its influence in European countries FXnet Forex broker obtained the licenses issued by the following regulators: FSA (Great Britain), BaFin (Germany), ACP (France), CNMV (Spain), Finanstilsynet (Norway), and AFM (Netherlands). It should also be underlined that each regulator requires the segregation of customers’ funds that is why traders can be sure that their funds are allocated on separate secured accounts and are not mixed with the FXnet’s own assets.


Despite the short period of its activity FXnet Forex broker has already managed to receive two prestigious awards which potential customers should be aware of. The first one, the Best Newcomer Broker, was given to FXnet in 2013. The second one, the Most Trusted Broker, was obtained by the company in 2014. These awards confirm the intention of FXnet management to create stable and reliable company for the long-term and successful activity.

Trading conditions

FXnet offers to use MT4 popular terminal that provides traders with traditional variations for standard PC, Android based mobile devices and iOS based iPhone and iPad. Moreover, it offers MAM (Multi Account Management) for the licensed stock managers and MT4 Multiterminal which allows maintaining several accounts from one trading platform.

Among the available trading instruments there are nine basic and more than twenty secondary currency pairs, eight international indexes and twelve raw commodities. The trading activity is conducted according to STP (NDD) scheme; time of order execution is 5 mc for ordinary server and 2 mc for VPS. High-quality fulfillment and trading model excluding any conflicts of interest between the broker and its customer are the factors that make FXnet an excellent broker which can carry out different trading strategies from scalping and news trading to hedging.

Trading accounts

Apart from traditional demo account FXnet offers three more accounts: Standard, VIP and Platinum. Each trading account can use the leverage up to 1:500. The type of order execution all the accounts apply is Market Execution. The major difference between the accounts lies in the spread size. Spread for the Standard account makes up 2.3 points and more, for the VIP account – from 1.9 points. Platinum accounts can work without any spread or the spread can be zero for the popular currency pairs. However, owners of platinum accounts pay additional fee of 12 USD per one trading lot.

You should choose your trading account taking into consideration your trading sum. So, you need 50 USD to open the Standard account, 2000 USD – to open the VIP account and 5000 USD – to open the Platinum one. Moreover, FXnet allows Muslims opening Islamic accounts after they confirm their Islamic confession by loading scanned birth or residence certificate to the official website of the broker. As it was mentioned above, FXnet offers MAM and corporate trading accounts for legal persons.


The FXnet customers can use a free virtual private server (Great Britain). However in order to access it the trader should deposit the amount of not less than 2000 USD or their equivalent in any other acceptable currency such as Euro, Great Britain Pound or Yen. It is the condition that allows the client using VPS directly connected to CFxNet. This guarantees the quickest execution of the trading orders. According to the customers’ positive feedbacks it is very useful while applying scalping or news trading when a split second influences the final profit.

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis Section helps improve the trading results. Here the experts publish daily short and burning reviews that help follow the current trends. Customers’ feedbacks confirm that thanks to the activity of the FXnet experts the traders can increase the efficiency of their activity.


Education Section on the FXnet official website is likely to be designed for introducing the web resource itself. Among the useful information here you can find a glossary of the terms the trader can face while working on Forex, online currency quotes and an economic calendar for the broker’s clients not to miss any important event.

Additional info

In the FOREX market since 2012
Young, rapidly growing broker
FxNet Ltd is global OTC licensed online broker in the international currency and commodity markets
FXNet proudly declares itself as one of the few official STP forex brokers, with a reserve of liquidity, which provides the best and most reliable banks in the world - JP Morgan, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and others
Services FxNet
24 hour support
Free individual training
Loyalty program
Contests, competitions for traders
Mobile trading
Official site
Advantages FxNet
No requotes and reject orders
Permitted hedging, scalping and trade on the news
20% Welcome bonus
No commissions or hidden fees
Free forex tools
Shopping and demo account without obligation and restrictions
Create an account in FxNet

Reviews of FxNet

Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Dear friends, I would like to tell you a story that happened to me because of people who work in this brokerage company in order to help other people avoid being cheated. So, that’s the story. In the middle of summer 2015 some guy called me and asked what I was thinking about passive income. He offered me to open a trading account and share my profit with me 50/50. Then he sent me the information about a trader (a statement where 100% profit for a month is shown), I agreed, and signed an agreement with this trader on 10/01/15. As a result, the deposit was drained in a month. Write to me if you are interested. P.S. In a case if you see a similar comment somewhere, remember that I’m not trying to propagate against FXNet, but just to warn.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Funding/withdrawal is out of service. There is no good analytics, it seems like they just try to guess the market situation. I earned nearly 50 USD on 500 USD deposited, then after purchasing gold, margin call appeared and 500 USD disappeared. After that, I was offered to fund my account with 9 000 USD in order to return everything with dividends. Fortunately, I decided to fund it partially. I was expecting for 200 USD from 1 500 USD deposited but on the next day another margin call at the market opening! I've lost my money. So, out of four pieces of advice two of them added 50 USD, the rest resulted in -2000 USD. They promised to call and offer a strategy for me. 2 weeks passed. Silence… So, this is how they earn the profit.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
“Consultants” of this broker make client’s capital disappear. Then they offer to fund it again in order to return the money. After that, they let the client earn a bit, make the capital disappear, and say that it's only client’s fault.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
well, now it's my turn to say something... I trade on news, so I was attracted by the “Fulfillment 5 msec”. I have tested the broker during three trading sessions - I thought that if 3 unsuccessful logs in would take place (and if trading sessions would be full without additional problems), then I withdrew money. fxnet, in spite of its claims and promises, did not give a chance to log in the way I would like to. I can even say that my login was bad. if speed matters for you, take it into account. though, there is an opinion that the same broker works differently for different traders.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
As for trust. I have started working with this broker a few months ago. And I believe that my deposit is safe as the company has license and regulated activity. It's a member of several organizations: AFM, MiFiD, ICF,FSA, BaFin, ACP, CNMV. I believe my $500 will not disappear, that’s for sure. At the moment I cannot say anything bad.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Your analyst calls me on mobile for the second time. I told him once that I wasn't really interested, but then he calls again. I also don't like fxnet site, as it's very difficult to find it and it looks suspicious. I told it to the analyst and you know what? he started arguing with me. Please take it into account while choosing broker.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
I was surprised with bonuses which they offer. Surprised in a good way. Their spreads are nice too. Will continue working with them.
Edward Sfeir
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Actually, anything that could be desirable in trading is available here. FXNET is perfect for me. First, I have my own manager who is always available and ready to help. Second, I get trade reports on a daily basis, which is very convenient. I don’t have to wait long to receive my money after withdrawal. But the most pleasant thing is a financial side. I do not pay for VPS and I don’t pay for bank transfer. Due to my balance being over 5 thousand dollars I’ve got 100 USD bonus. I should also mention that I am Muslim, so I needed a special account. And I had no problems with this as well. I just had to prove my faith with a document. The only thing they demand is constant conducting of operations. It means that I cannot just open an account and do nothing with it and just leave it open. But I think it’s fair, they provide us with enough conveniences in order we could trade. So, I’m going to stay with this broker and report on my activities here.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Only good things can be said about fxnet... I feel that I can totally rely on them, all my desires are taken into account… I’m not going to change the broker in the nearest future.
Review for a Broker:


# Reply
Hi to everyone. I guess I should write here every day. It will help many people who doubt if they should work with this broker. And I really think this broker is worth cooperating with. It has a lot of advantages and I’m very happy with it. First of all, I had an opportunity to get an account for Islamic partners. I just had to prove my religion downloading some evidence. Second, they provided me with many bonuses and pleasant surprises. Their VPS is free, though only for those who have a balance not less than $5 000 on their accounts. Bank transfer is covered by the broker as well. Besides, it is possible to go on trading using their bonuses. Trading speed impresses. The only thing you may think of as a disadvantage is the condition of constant activity on the account. But I guess it’s normal for a serious broker. You cannot open an operation and leave it hanging. You have to do something all the time. I had some operations open without any movement, but at the same time I conducted other actions. So, I’m sure, I will continue working here and reporting about my success with this broker.

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