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Fort Financial Services overview

Our opinion No
License IFSC (IFSC/60/256/TS/14)
Trading software MetaTrader 4, FortFs MultiTerminal, CQG, Web-software MetaTrader FORT, One Click Trading
Trading conditions
Minimum deposit – 5$
Leverage: to 1:1000
Demo: Yes
Spread: from 0.1 p
Commissions: 1.5$-9$ PRO account
Fort Financial Services LtdSuite 5, Garden City Plaza, Mountain View Boulevard, Belmopan, Belize., phone. 8 (800) 333 36 78 (Russia), e-mail: support@fortfs.com
Official website


Fort Financial Services, which had the name TradeFort in the past, is a stable and developing company that has set a goal to create the most comfortable conditions for the work on financial markets. And who else but Fort Financial Services (TradeFort) can know about them as the organizers of this Forex broker are successful traders and investors who know on their own experience, how it all works.

Fort Financial Services (TradeFort) started its work in 2010 after registering in the state of Belize, the city of Belmopan. Since those times, the Forex broker has expanded its influence on many regions, and now thousands of satisfied clients from more than 30 countries of the world testify in the testimonials left for Fort Financial Services that the company’s policy was chosen correctly.

Company’s policy

After its establishment, the company under the brand name TradeFort began to perform broker activities and gradually earn the reputation on the world stage. But the success to this Forex broker was brought not only by the professional mediation attempts, but also by the active introduction of additional services.

In particular, Fort Financial Services was one of the first who introduced automatic warning for the traders about the possibility of Margin Call coming. Besides that, VPS for the clients was distributed by the company on a free basis, which attracted to the Forex broker the attention of thousands of traders using automatic experts in their work.

Worth empathizing are also the saving of the history of trading expiration for futures contracts, special accounts for the new traders, where a part of placed positions was hedged by the assets of the company’s actives, and much, much more. However, the Forex broker didn’t stop at it, continuing the constant introduction of new earning technologies.

Only for the last year Fort Financial Services managed to provide its clients with many innovative products. For example, now traders can work on futures exchanges all over the world, using professional software for it: CQG QTrader and CQG Trader, that not only allow to carry on trade on futures, but also opens the access to the work with spread contracts and options while supporting the algorithmic trading as well.


The work of the company is governed by a special commission for offshore zones, which branch in Belize has appropriated to Fort Financial Services the necessary certification after careful inspection. The company received an international license for the right to perform financial activities, which shall be renewed every time after regular inspection of the work system.

By the way, in connection with this event it was decided to do the rebranding, and instead of TradeFort the company started bearing the name Fort Financial Services.

Trading conditions

Fort Financial Services offers three types of trading accounts: Fort, Flex and Pro. The last two have 5-digit quotes and are executed at market prices while the Fort account has 4 digits and presents a good option for the beginners with the Instant Execution. The amount of a minimal deposit is only $5 for Fort and Flex and $500 for the PRO option, which among all things also provides minimal floating spreads from 0.1 point and high speed of order performing – from 0.2 sec.

As the main deposit currency you can choose EUR, RUB and USD, of course. A high leverage will help disperse the deposit more quickly and Fort Financial Services offers a wide range of various options from 1:10 to 1:1000, so each trader can find the most profitable option for him comparing the risks and the potential of profits.

For trading 43 currency pairs, metals and oil, CFD for the actions of large companies and indexes are available. Such wide choice and pleasant specification conditions make Fort Financial Services a very profitable partner of each trader.

Besides, those currency speculators who use automatic experts in their work can get a dedicated VPS server on a free basis, after they have refilled their trading accounts with $1000 and more.

Trading platforms

In addition to the wide range of financial tools, Fort Financial Services also presents to the traders various options of trading platforms. Besides the traditional Metatrader 4 for desktops, there is its convenient mobile version as well as specially designed WEB platform that gives the possibility to work from any computer connected to the Internet.

A special attention shall be given to the newly introduced platforms CQG QTrader and CQG Trader that open the access to more than 40 largest world exchanges through the high-speed gateways. The work with QTrader and CQG Trader will be duly appreciated by professional traders who will be able to get the best service on Forex with Fort Financial Services.


In addition, all traders shall definitely pay attention to the section Analytics, where daily and weekly Forex reviews of the basic currency pairs on the base of both technical and fundamental analysis are published. Each forecast is prepared by one of the qualified Fort Financial Services experts, so it is important to find time for studying the professionals’ opinions in order to increase the effectiveness of the own trade.

Here, there are also fresh news from the sphere of Forex services, useful literature, the reading of which will be useful for both the beginners and experienced traders, the schedule of trading sessions, the calendar of economical events and many other things that everyone must know when trading on Forex.

Additional info

Fort Financial Services
In the FOREX market since 2010
Fully licensed broker
By 2013, the company has firmly established itself in the market and has won recognition of traders in more than three dozen countries around the world
Services Fort Financial Services
Free training
24/7 support
Mobile trading
Bonus programs
Trade experts/advisors
Official site
Advantages Fort Financial Services
Low spreads
Providing high-quality brokerage services
Leverage up to 1:1000
More than 500 tools
Metal trade, indices, commodity futures
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Reviews of Fort Financial Services

Review for a Broker:

Fort Financial Services

# Reply
I work with Fort more than a year, they have cool offers and pay regularly. Now I’m taking part in “Catch a Wave” program, get additional interests and withdraw them. By the way, I also have profit and did not notice any problems with order fulfillment time, and I’m really glad because of it. Besides, they have investment accounts STAR (the complete form can be found at their website).
I’m thinking of becoming a manager, but I don’t feel like giving way 500 USD as manager’s capital. Can any company representative explain why manager’s capital is so big?
Review for a Broker:

Fort Financial Services

# Reply
All depends on trading. I’m a scalper. They tolerate such kind of trading, but not for long. It is nice that they do not “freeze” money like Forex Market that after profitable trading told me that “withdrawal is possible only to a bank account”. In addition to the fact that it is totally inconvenient working with bank accounts in comparison to electronic transfer systems, my bank became suspicious of my money-washing. Banks do not consider Forex to be a broker. It's very difficult!
Review for a Broker:

Fort Financial Services

# Reply
No complaints at all!!
I used to work with them as an investor, but now I’m planning to work here as a manager.
I can recommend this service to anyone! You will be surely satisfied with quality of their work.
Review for a Broker:

Fort Financial Services

# Reply
fort financial services can be described as a nice broker. I was thinking about working with them during a long time. first I used a demo account, then I saw that trading goes well and decided to open a real account. I had a chance to try trading without funding, since I was offered 5 USD as a start bonus. now, I think, I will transfer some money to my account and check if this broker is really reliable.
Review for a Broker:

Fort Financial Services

# Reply
Fort FS is the broker of future. If you want to work on top platform with fast access to all the important markets, Fort FS is your choice.

I tested it for quite a long time to recommend it to the traders. The spread and speed is great.
Tyler Smith
Review for a Broker:

Fort Financial Services

# Reply
With the VPS service that they provide, I can be assured that my trades are executed more efficiently. Extremely pleased with their services

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