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Overview Olymp Trade 

Our opinion Recommended
License no
Trading software OlympTrade
Trading conditions
Minimum deposit – 10$
Markets: Forex, Commodities
Bonus: from 30% up to 100%
Demo: Yes
Profitability: up to 80%
103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Phone: +357 25030996, 8(800) 333-24-61, E-mail: support@olymptrade.com
Official website www.olymptrade.com

If you try to check the forex option broker’s best list you may find different broker partners and some of them are worth to look at. The difference is always in registration place, obtained licenses and certifications, and of cause in conditions and reputation.

With the Olymp Trade you may find the golden ratio of forex options brokers best like offers, bonuses and 24/7 support team which always ready to help and consult any upcoming issues.

The Olymp trade has some important features which are valuable in the world of binary options, first and most important of them is of cause 10$ minimum deposit, which means that it is easy to start without the startup money or significant investments.

If you are keen in a forex market, than a binary option is something which worth to try, and with the Olymp trade, one of the forex option brokers best services you may find it easy and profitable. Olymp trade it is your way on the market and good way to start your experience.

Preferred and presented on the site analytics allows you to understand principles of currencies, prices change, and trade principles and could allow you to predict something in your personal investments. To be able to provide smooth trading experience the Olymp trade offers bonuses on registration and bonuses on every account’ top up.

We recommend this service from forex option brokers best list, because it has the following options:

> Low minimum deposit

> Access to the forex and commodities markets

> Wide range of offered bonuses

> Real Demo Service

> High Profitability on up to 80%, depends on the made decisions

The Olymp Trade has its own trading software platform, which is OlympTrade®, and it makes trading process smooth and easy to make, beside this interface allows applying different instruments like a stop loss, take profit and others as well.

The Forex Options brokers best service always show up new ideas and special presentational offers which are all in bonuses and additional pairs as well as profitable solutions designed for the clients and traders. If there is a chance to trade with the Olymp Trade, it is decent service, the payout service is nice and convertible to the different payment systems, and this makes it easy to use and receive your investment profit in a convenient manner.

Additional info

Olymp Trade
Binary options on the market since 2013
Personal manager to every client
Young, rapidly growing broker
Bright, stylish brand
Services Olymp Trade
2 commodities - gold and silver
Random - randomly generated data is very similar to the course of any action
Official site
Advantages Olymp Trade
The minimum rate - 30 rubles
The minimum deposit is 350 rubles
No commissions
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Reviews of Olymp Trade

Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
I haven't had any problems with this investment platform thus far. They process payments without a hitch. The platfrom works well, plus, the conditions are also good.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
I started with a small deposit that I almost lost. But then trading became better and now I have quite a bit of money in my account. The conditions are good, the average return on asset is 80%. I think it's quite good, taking into account the number of assets the broker provides.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
I'm not that good at binary options trading. But I always thought they were easier than forex, so I decided to start trading them. That's the first broker I've opened a real account with. I chose them cause I liked it that they have a good training system that actually helps you learn to trade.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
What sets Olymp Trade apart from most binary option brokers is their convenient trading platform. There's nothing else that makes them different from hundreds of others. All in all, it's suitable for daily trading.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
I'm a newbie at trading, so I decided to start with binary options, they seem much easier for me than trading on forex. It's my first broker, with whom I've opened a real account. There have been other brokers with whom I've traded on a demo. I decided to open an account in olymp because it seems more reliable to me.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
I opened an account with the broker for cryptocurrencies, which I can trade during the weekend. Not all brokers have got such an instrument. Other than that the broker's the same as all the rest, haven't noticed anything special.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
Olymp Trade are usual scams. I tried a lot of various strategies. In the beginning everything goes well, but when you gain more, something goes wrong with the system, the deals close with a negative result. It seems that someone is “playing” with you. Don’t waste your time, money, and nerves for that. As for the license… They have no license, I’m sure. Anybody could write that the license is available when it is just a fake.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
Hi, everyone.
I’ve heard this broker is not bad. If 24option made minimal deposit at least $50, I would try. I haven't earned much and I don’t feel like wasting money.

And I really would like to try working with Olymp!!
Tom New
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
I paid my attention to the fact that when I play on demo account, the profit interest is much higher than on the real one. For example, 95 on demo and 80 on real. And this is during the same period of time. Click moment freezes and the mark is not at the spot where it was supposed to be. It is easy to win on demo, but it is much more difficult to do it on the real account. These are my impressions. You may play on demo for entertainment. But it is better to stop there.
Review for a Broker:

Olymp Trade

# Reply
The thing is that all the companies lie a bit. And we have to reconcile with that. Your aim is not just to understand the market, but also to take into account that the company wants to make profit on you as well. We have to look the truth straight in the eye. I think that 95% of them don’t get your money to the market. I may mistake, of course… But… What is binary options? What is withdrawn and where? This is roulette for those who have not traded at the Forex market. But only for those who have not traded seriously. As a matter of fact, it is very… cool. It is very profitable. The only thing I didn’t like is 5-day withdrawal. Robo withdrawal takes 15 minutes. On the one hand, it is not so important if the money is paid out. I have not withdrawn them yet. I will try to do it in a week.

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