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Forex brokers list assumes not only a chart with the brokers’ names, but also general information on their activity. Forex brokers list may include also information on bonuses and special offers, which are provided by the particular broker to the customers or traders. Check the solutions and enjoy the trade with the forex brokers list you are always updated, on the bonuses and special offers, which arise here and there on the market.

Most of the brokers offer drawdown bonuses, insurance against stop-out, spreads return, welcome bonuses, verified clients bonus and so on.

> Almost every broker from forex broker list offers welcome bonuses

> If a client verifies and confirms his personal information client is most likely granted with the verified clients bonus

> Drawdown bonuses – a bonus which is granted as a percentage out of the result of through subtracted out of the peak

> The Spread return bonus is generated as a difference between the buy and sell price.

The new brokers and new conditions constantly replenish the Forex Brokers list, and we add information to the bonuses region on a regular basis, ensuring its consistency and accuracy.

The bonuses are always pleasant supplement for each trader who wishes to be among the best traders.

Being able to add something more, not all forex brokers from the list provide special offers to its clients. Thus, forex brokers list has different brokers who offer options, and our catalogue allows to its followers to choose among the cute proposals.

Beside the bonuses for brokers who trade on the Forex Market, you may find plenty of information on the brokers who trade on the Binary options market also. Striving hard to offer to our audience full information regarding the bonuses from the global Forex brokers list we have an aim to provide them with the fullest details to ensure the right partner choice.

New forex brokers tend to offer more bonuses to attract the audience, and we are trying to reflect all these proposals to outline the full market picture.

Moreover this, the forex brokers list is constantly changing, because some brokers leave the market and some come to the market, and we are always updated not only on these changes, but also every broker has bonuses list which is constantly changing. These bonuses could inspire you to make more trades and to profit out of them. We are able to help you to make final solution and choose the best broker to work for your trades.

If you note any inaccuracy in the description of brokers please inform us by e-mail info@reviews-brokers.com

FreshForex: bonuses & promotions

- "Race for profit" Contest, round 2

Take part in a venturous race for profit: start from any amount above $50, run account to the speed-limit and win up to $1 500. Drive for the tape in top twenty and receive a reward!

- Cancel of commissions

From November, 3 to 29 we compensate our clients 100% of commission on paying funds through most popular payment systems. Do not miss the days of cancel of a commission for your favorite payment system

- Fresh Rebate 50%

Join "Fresh Rebate 50%" promotion to get the highest Forex rebate on spread: $5 per lot on profitable trades either $10 per lot on loss-making trades. Link your Classic account to the promotion and find what option suits you the best!

- 36% per annum

From April 8 to December 31, 2015 take part in the "36% per annum" promotion and receive the most beneficial interest rate on free funds!

- Change Broker Bonus 50%

Be on time to join FreshForex and receive bonus up to 50% from deposit! We grant you up to 5 000 USD for changing your broker - avail from it and earn more!

- 35% on Deposit

Looking for a profitable bonus? Receive up to $5 000 from “FreshForex” and trade at profit with confidence!

- Double deposit

Do you think that doubling of deposit is a difficult task? Nothing of that kind: this promotion doubles funds on your account and makes trading opportunities on your account almost boundless!


RoboForex: bonuses & promotions

Tesla Supercar from RoboForex

To celebrate the Company’s 5-year anniversary, RoboForex presents its clients with a unique chance to win Tesla premium electric vehicle!

- Leverage up to 1:1000

RoboForex clients, who have MetaTrader4 (Fix-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Cent, and Pro-Standard) and CopyFX accounts, can choose the increased leverage, 1:700, 1:888, and 1:1000.

Welcome Bonus 30 USD

Those RoboForex clients, who have passed the complete verification, can receive a special welcome bonus – "Welcome Bonus 30 USD".

- "Welcome Bonus 3.0"

Each client of the Company, whose trading volume is big enough, is automatically granted with "RoboForex Welcome Bonus 3.0" coupons. Each coupon allows the owner to deposit $15 (1,500 cents transferred to the account) as No Deposit Bonus to any trading account, which belongs to another RoboForex client

Deposit bonus up to 115%

Just deposit funds to your account and receive deposit bonuses: 50%, 100%, or even 115% of the deposited sum. The more you deposit – the bigger your bonus. In total, you can receive up to 30,000 USD.

-  Tradable bonus 10%, 15% or 20%

Tradable bonus from RoboForex is the type of bonus, which is not "cancelled" when the equity on your account is below the amount of the bonus funds (the bonus can be used during "drawdown").

Up to 20% on available funds

Available funds on your trading account may produce an additional profit and help you to secure your money from inflation. After joining "Up to 20% on available funds" program, you’ll get monthly payments as the annual interest on your funds, which are not used in trading.

"Verified Client" program

Each verified client has an access to the extended list of advantages: priority processing of applications and requests, personal services, additional ways to deposit and withdraw funds, etc.

Depositing your trading account without commission

When our clients deposit their trading accounts, the commission is always 0%. RoboForex covers all expenses, which may occur when you deposit your trading account.

Forex Rebates Service

This program is working on the permanent basis and available for the participants of "Verified client" program - with demo, cent, standard, and ECN accounts

Free-of-charge VPS-server

Remote trading server is a seamless and quick access to trading for you and your Expert Advisor, as well as 24/7 connection with your terminal via any mobile device. All advantages of "VPS-server" service are free-of-charge if the equity on your account is at least 300 USD.