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Where you can find a good rating of Forex traders

It’s widely known that Forex is not only a virtual place with banks making their currency transactions, but also a real stock exchange with vast number of professional and private traders. Your imagination will be just boggled with the abundance of opportunities this giant money mechanism provides every second. As a result, Forex attracts both people who want to master the trading skills and many others including brokers, analysts, coaches, psychologists and the separate large caste – investors.

Of course, Forex risks are high and cannot be compared with traditional investing methods. However, the profit on Forex is expressed in extremely high figures! That is why investing some assets in Forex is feasible even despite threats the international currency market bears. However if you decide to get down to investing you should choose the appropriate manager. Here a serious problem arises as there is no unified rating of Forex traders that provides statistical data and operating results of certain managers. What should you do in such cases?


The first and the most widely used method to find any information is to visit thematic forums dedicated to the investments. They necessarily contain the section dedicated to PAMM- accounts and managers. The major advantage of such method is that here real investors can share their cooperation experience. It helps define the prospects of cooperation with the certain trader and decide with whom to deal with.

However this method has certain disadvantages. First of all, the feedback is usually very subjective. It is not good as rear manager trades stably, every trader has ups and downs in his trading. You can easily imagine the comment the investor will leave if he trusts his assets before the manager has his unsuccessful period. Therefore it is necessary to study the question thoroughly. Fpart from comments which can be fake, by the way (it’s one more disadvantage) you should study the statement, look at the strategy, define risks, profitability etc. on the basis of average values in mid- and long-term.


Some successful traders create their own business card websites and promote themselves via the Internet. This variant is very risky for the investor as in this case the cooperation is conducted via trust management, not PAMM. Besides, experts or those people who misrepresent themselves as experts don’t ask little money. Thus one should devote significant funds on one’s honour, in fact. The variant is dangerous, but it has the right to live.

The more reasonable step the investor can make is searching for the websites of proprietary trading firms some of which accept third-party investments. In this case there are two possibilities: the company guarantees an average stable profit or spreads the incoming funds between its traders and pays the investor the net profit gained during the trading excluding services payment.

While choosing between these two possibilities you should take into account the fact that in the first case the profit will be stable, but probably low. In the second case the profit can be higher however there are traders’ risks because anyone cannot guarantee stability on Forex.


Large investors can use another good possibility of searching for the experienced traders that is exhibitions such as Forex Expo. These events always attract the attention of professionals who are also open to finding people ready to invest money. That is why it is the very place where useful contacts are established. Certainly, all the information about the trading strategy and results need to be checked. Nevertheless, a lot of things are evident about the person and cooperation prospects during the private talk rather than during the communication via e-mailing or even Skype.

Moreover, names of real professionals cannot be found in any Forex rating. It is not very easy to get acquainted with them. That is why if you wish to invest a significant amount of money you should definitely visit exhibitions.


The most available method to find an appropriate rating of Forex traders is to study the statistical data of PAMM accounts on the brokers’ websites. Here the most important thing is to accumulate your attention only on the companies that are worth looking at otherwise the risk of losing money in the process of trading becomes higher due to the unreliability of the broker.

In the past such companies as Forex Trend, Pantheon Finance and others were known to hide away together with the money of investors and brokers. However even reliable companies sometimes have to stop trading due to the market situation. That is why your funds should always be split and saved on the PAMM accounts of different brokers.

Despite these disadvantages the rating of Forex traders certain brokers offer can be considered the best of all information sources as professional brokers usually provide different statistical data needed to search for the best managers according to the investor’s preferences. For example, if you want a high profit you are welcome; if you want little, but stable profit that’s all right we can provide it. Great variety of available parameters allows choosing the best of the best companies. In most cases it means a good guarantee to obtain the expected result of investing in Forex.