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How to succeed in the Forex Market

Not many people didn’t think, how nice it would be to earn much combining it with the possibility to travel. This established behavior template of a successful person is unfortunately, almost unachievable for ordinary citizens of the CIS countries and the Russian Federation, who in the whole are tied to their main working places and receive not a big enough salary to go to a vacation more than once a year, and even… To fix this, many people try to succeed in the Forex marked today, which offers to achieve the living standard desired by many people.

In the article below presented to your attention, we’ll tell how to achieve the goal and what is worth paying attention to on the way to it.

General description of the beginner’s actions

Schematically, the algorithm of everyone’s actions who decided to discover the exotic profession of the currency trader, lies in the following steps.

1. Choosing a suitable Forex broker that pleases with its trading terms, belongs to the category of the reliable ones, can help with bonuses etc.

2. Opening of a demo account is an obligatory step which is the beginning of the direct acquaintance with the trade. In no case one should begin with the real account at once in order not to have insulting misinformed mistakes, which may lead to serious financial losses.

3. Searching and testing the suitable trading strategy.

After going through these three steps, a trader moves from the beginners category to the class of the experienced speculators, where he will have to continue improving his skills, searching for new trading methods etc. On this stage, it’s already important to learn how not to lose money by increasing gradually his experience and deposit, which will help receive the status of a professional trader in the future.

Search for a good trading system

Today, there are a huge number of trading system in the net, and many of them, we must admit, are quite precise. One shouldn’t think that since they are distributed for free, one cannot earn on them and it would be better to spend so money to purchase some Grail. In fact, to make money, a trading system which will give at least 60% precise signals will be enough, especially if it enters with the classical risk/profit ratio at least 1:2.

Considering that the initial probability of one or another development of the events on Forex makes out 50/50, any normal TS will be enough to earn. However, there is one clause. Often, it is the trader himself who obstructs the profit to accumulate by interfering in the working algorithm of the trading system or not following it completely.


Besides the understanding of the general algorithm of actions, the discipline is of a great importance. A good trader is a disciplined trader that doesn’t surrender to the temptation to enter the deal, if the entering terms are observed almost in full, isn’t greedy by holding over the position, and doesn’t give in to fear when the price makes a pullback against him.

It is extremely important to follow the rules of the selected trading system for 100%, as only in this way, one can work on his mistakes effectively by making the right conclusion and improving his trading daily.

Competent capital management and risk control

Many people think that personal characteristics and a good strategy will be enough. In fact it is so, but with one clause – if a trader understands and uses the risk management in a right way. Before achieving success on the Forex market, it is necessary learn how to estimate risk and calculate the money management so that the deposit could withstand a series of failed deals without specific consequences. This means, the recovery factor shall be high enough allowing you to catch it up easily.

Without the skill to calculate the right entering volume with account of the stop size, the deposit amount and other variables, a trader will never succeed. Thus, when testing a strategy it is always worth paying a big attention to the choice of the working volume and not to allow its thoughtless increasing, especially after losses, when the mental state is not stable and one can easily yield a tilt.

Tips for succesfull Forex speculants

After studying the above, it should be clear that in order to achieve success, one doesn’t need to perform any pretentious actions as the way to the development on the Forex market is easy and clear. But at the same time, not many people can conquer the market and achieve their goal. First of all it happens due to the fact that a trader is not just a job, but also the life style, the way of thinking and acting.